Friday, July 17, 2015

You got to know your chilli!

Traveling between Australia and Texas USA, the word 'chilli' with various spellings, can be a little confusing.

CHILLI (or chili)
In Australia, a chilli is the little red fruit that burns your tongue. Most commonly you can buy birds eye chilli, red or green.  In Texas you can order a whole bowl of Chili as a meal, because it's short for Chili Con Carne, usually just called Chili.

In the USA the hot little red fruit is called a Chilli Pepper and a plethora of varieties are available. habanero, poblano and most commonly, the jalapeno, if you are brave, eat jalapenos whole and stuffed. I'm still building up my chilli pepper tolerance for this one. And of course, an American 'pepper' without the chilli is what an Aussie would call a capsicum. In Australia, if you are talking about Chilli Peppers, you mean the band.

Chile on a USA menu, means a salsa made from green chilli peppers. I recommend it on your burger. In Australia, Chile is the South American country where I assume, they eat a lot of chilli peppers.

If you'd like to try a little Mexican flavour, click here for an Aussie Chilli Con Carne recipe.
A Gourmet Traveler recipe, not my own. But I've tried it and can say it's good.

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